History of 'Vanden Plas Princess'

 In 1947 Sir Herbert Austin purchased Vanden Plas in order to build a luxury car and the Princess Saloon was born.

The first 2 Princesses went to the Queen (then Princess) Elizabeth I in 1952. The Queen subsequently purchased 2 more Princess saloons because she liked them so much.

In 1954 the Limousine version was created and continued to be made until 1968, badged 'Vanden Plas Princess' under the Austin company. The Limousine was longer, bigger and wider  which allowed for extra fold-out rear seats accommodating 7 passengers. The actual size of these cars can only be appreciated when viewed in person.

The Princess Limousine is indeed a collector's dream. Only 1100 were ever built. Each one took 4 months to hand-build by a small team dedicated to that one car.

These cars are truly the ultimate "Traditonal Vintage Wedding Car".

"As used by the Queen in the Fifties"

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